Friday, 24 June 2016

{Drakensburg} Weekend in the mountains

I have so much I want to say about my weekend away in the Drakensberg Mountains a few weeks back, but I don’t think anything I will say will do the Drakensberg Mountains justice.

 A few months ago I mentioned that my husband and I were spending our second wedding anniversary away in the Drakensburg with friends (who happened to get married one year after we did on the same day as us) and at the time I hadn’t been to the Drakensburg mountains for a number of years so staying in a small part of this beautiful province last year taught me this year that I have been pretty naïve about the Drakensberg mountains.  In fact I realised that I am very much a tourist in my own country (and here I was  confident about being a born and bred South African) 

I was reminded that the Drakensburg Mountains is a World Heritage Site and I truly felt privileged that this Heritage site is in South Africa. It proves to me time and again what a beautiful country i live in. I say this with total confidence as i have traveled to some beautiful countries, i have seen some incredible sights and South Africa amazes me each and every time. 

The family and I spent this time away at the Champagne Sports Resort. We chose this venue as it was fairly central and the list of activities were endless, this was important for  some of the family and friends we went away with to ensure everyone could do as they pleased.

My plans for the weekend was to do as little as possible. Take In the fresh air and just spend some time with family and once again take in the beautiful scenery. How could we not when Champagne Sports resort made sure we were as comfortable as possible. 

The reception area

This is a view of the lounge area in the resort

This is a panoramic view of the bedrooms
This is the view from the Hotel room's balcony

Other things to do in the area was go for a chocolate tasting at the Chocolate Bar (just across the road from Champagne Sports Resort) There you could pair coffee with chocolate. We opted for the chocolate fondant and coffee -  It was a real treat!  

And last but not least, there was this quaint little village or centre if you will (Thokozisa) on route to Champagne Sports resort. There is a lovely restaurant, deli, bar and stores under one roof. It really is worth ambling through if you have the time. 

Have you been to the Drakensburg area and what were your favourite parts? 


  1. Drakensburg is on my travel list in South Africa! I really want to visit! Pity it's so far from Cape Town!

    1. Hi Julia! Drakensburg is a must see! I hope you will get a chance one day to visit :)

  2. Did you go see the birds of Falcon Ridge? An amazing spectacle!

    1. Hi Craig, unfortunately i didn't- just another good reason to go back!

  3. Last year the boyfriend and I also had a little getaway to the Drakensburg and it was absolute heaven. We loved every moment and cannot wait to return! By the way, you definitely did the Drakensburg justice ;)

    Loren |


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