Friday, 3 June 2016

{Tried and Tested} Skin Creamery

I follow a number of local South African blogs which focus solely beauty. I spend a lot of time taking their advice and reading up on the products they have tried and tested. because after all, beauty is something that means the world to a woman. It defines who we are and of course I am no different.

I noticed a few of the wonderful blogs I follow (some linked in my Instagram posts {1} & {2}) have recently mentioned quite a few local beauty brands in South Africa and it definitely made me consider the beauty products I spend my money on. I am finding now more than ever that EVERYTHING is! There has also been a fair amount of discussions on the positives and negatives of some of these products; are they organic, is it really making your skin look better and are you saving any money? These are the questions I have been asking myself lately and the biggest one is how do I get more out of my product and can I save money at the same time? I have also felt that I just want to try and simplify my life a little more, make healthier decisions for the sake of later on and not for the sake of now.  These questions are also the reasons why I have pushed myself to try something different, to try something natural, more affordable and specifically something local

What was my reason for choosing Skin Creamery and what did I hope to get out of the product? There were so many options for me to choose from but I decided to try Skin Creamery as my first local natural skincare test (what a mouthful). 

I loved the minimalistic feel of this brand; the packaging seems quite simple on the outside but has an element of surprise when you open the box with the botanical illustrations on the inside. I also loved the glass bottle which holds this soft beautiful minty feeling cream. 

After using this SC day and night (mainly for my face), I found my skin was softer and smoother and i would even go as far as saying i noticed some of my problem pimples gradually started to fade away. I also loved the beautiful minty like fragrance after applying the SC cream to my face. In some ways I felt I had just ended a long day at the spa. 

Don't you just love the beautiful botanical illustrations in the packaging?

Would I buy Skin Creamery again? Absolutely, no questions asked. Skin Creamery ticked all the boxes I mentioned above. I look forward to adding it into my skin care routine in the future! This time around i bought the Everyday Cream, next time i'll get the Cleansing Facial powder and Facial Hydrating oil  just because I enjoyed the Everyday Cream so much! 

What local products are you investing your time and money into lately? 


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