Friday, 22 April 2016

{Tried and Tested} Moonbean Artisan Unbakery

I dont know what it is lately, but my sweet tooth has really gotten out of control and even, unbearable at times (if that is even possible!)

 It was because of this I decided to find a guilt free alternative (with thanks to the advice from Wellness in the City's blog post) I remembered I stumbled across Moonbean Artisan Unbakery last year but hadn't considered this would be the answer to all my future cravings in the future. These macaroon treats at Moonbean allow you to indulge without feeling bad about it. 

I took a bite of the chocolate macaroon - can you tell?
I decided not to post about this product until I could share these treats with other family members who are also trying to eat healthier on a daily basis and the reactions were pretty spectacular (imagine if they let me take photos of their reactions - the pictures would be priceless). 

I found my favourite Moonbean Unbakery Macaroon was the cookies and cream flavour. Although I'm not sure if I can say that since I haven't yet tried the strawberry and mint flavours. Normally, vanilla is my go-to flavour for everything  but this Macaroon Cookies and cream flavour is pretty special and i love the minty flavour from the mint macaroons and honestly, I regret buying one box. I think I should have bought a few because I doubt one box will not see us into the weekend.

Each box of Moonbean Macaroons come in two packets of 3 macaroons, giving you a total of 6 delicious, sugar cane free, gluten free, diary free treats in a box. Might I just add, I got excellent service from the Moon bean team as well. I placed my order on Monday and by the Wednesday I had my treats.  

And judging by my husbands reaction might I add, couldn't leave these treats alone after I had presented them to him. I will be repeating my order of these Macroon treats on a monthly basis. In fact, my husband insisted I buy these and even asked when I would be placing my order (Happy wife moment). He actually instructed (no exaggeration here) me to buy the cookies and cream flavour. I didn't buy the strawberry flavour this time, so it will definitely be on my next order next month.   

All in all, I was so impressed with the product AND the service and if this blog post was a review and not about the local handmade products available in South Africa I would rate Moonbean Unbakery Macaroon's a 5/5

Have you tried Moonbean Unbakery Macaroon's, what did you think and what flavour was your favourite?

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