Wednesday, 4 May 2016

{Starbucks} My Birthday in Pictures ♥

I thought I'd share the best part of my birthday last week.  The arrival of Starbucks in South Africa! It was (still is actually) a pretty big deal for the entire province of Gauteng. For some, Starbucks brings the opportunity to experience the Western world. For me, i was transported back to all of my trips abroad, running through train stations, walking through town squares and sitting in airports waiting for planes. 

*Nostalgic Sigh*

This is what trying to compose myself to take a photo looks like! 
Have you been to Starbucks yet and what did your experience remind you of?


  1. I loved this! Your pictures are beautiful by the way :) We visited starbucks a few weeks ago and had the caramel frappucino, it wasn't too great as I think they were making everything under pressure. I'm looking forward to going back when its not so busy and ordering my drink in a more relaxed atmosphere. But anywhoo YAY to starbucks finally in SA! Happy Birthday for the other day :)

    Loren |

  2. Thank you for Stopping by Loren!

    I hear you! Its awesome that Starbucks is FINALLY in South Africa and I'm sure once they settle in, they will have the fabulous beverages that is overseas :)


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