Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Celebrating a year of love!

My Husband and I decided we would celebrate our One Year Wedding Anniversary by having a photo shoot, one that we could put in another album that would sit next to our Wedding Album.

We've decided to do this in future to show the years as they have progressed and how our relationship has changed (for the better of course)

I found a fantastic photographer (Photo Chanelle) who focuses mainly on maternity shoots and newborn shoots.

I think these lovely photos speak for themselves?

To find out more about Photo Chanelle visit her blog here

Friday, 16 May 2014

Hello Anomali!

I cannot describe how obsessed I am with Anomali. I was fortunate to discover this little treasure at the Maboneng Precinct in Joburg (blog coming soon.) Anomali is a jewelry shop which focuses solely on hand-made and re-purposed materials specifically silverware and is inspired by imagination, adventure and "whimsical" natures.
I was fortunate enough to get an Anomali treasure for my birthday last month and am proud to wear It. If you haven't already discovered this treasure I highly recommend you check them out as soon as you can.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lad & Lass Photography

One of the biggest challenges when choosing a photographer for your wedding isn't so much the cost and their availability.  I would have to say for me it was about what was included   in the package. 
Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and therefore it should be treated as just as important as choosing your wedding dress and bridesmaids/groomsmen. 

These photos are meant to capture the best day of your life and should remind you of that special day for the rest of your life. For me I would like my children to look at my wedding day and feel they were a part of that day even though they weren't there yet. That is why I chose Emma- Jane & Dylan Harbour Lad & Lass Photography. Daniel and I had such a great time with the husband and wife team. They captured the day from start to finish.  From the perfume and shoes to the friend of ours who caught my garter.  I will not be able to forget my magical day at all just because of the consideration they put into their work.

The package we chose (packages are common with most photographers these days and you should consider using the best / biggest package) was the buffet package which included 12 hours, edited pictures,  photo both,  all the photos on a flash stick, a Wedding Album, 2 brag books and thank you cards. I will be externally grateful I choose this package.

Have a look at the wonderful work they did on my wedding.  If you are interested in checking them out here is the link to their site.