Monday, 31 August 2015

Letters in the post

I got a little surprise this morning. I got a post card from a friend I went to school with who now lives in France. She has added me to her card club which means I am going to get one of these post cards a month! I didn't think I would be this excited to get post (since we are now in the digital age) 

Do you still send letters in the post?

*In honour of this new revolution, i came across Postcard Happiness Project which is a free initiative project to lift the spirits of someone who needs a little brightness with thanks to this "Post Card happiness Project"  

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Zimbabwe (Kariba), A forgotten Gem

So over the month of June I was fortunate enough to spend sometime in Zimbabwe for a wedding. I am so grateful I was able to visit this beautiful country along with wonderful family and friends I got to meet along the way.

Out of all the countries I have visited, the Zimbabwean people are probably the friendliest (next to the Japanese) in spite of the political situation there (just not at the border).

The wedding was held on an island on lake Kariba which is one of the biggest man-made lakes in Africa (the continent). Our journey to this Island (Spurwing) was a 3 hour journey on a house boat which we then stayed on for a week after the wedding. I was told that sunsets are like no other in the world and as I have traveled to different countries and had the privilege to experience beautiful landscapes and sunsets i have to agree that you will not experience a sunset like a Kariba Sunset.

Kariba is the closest to nature you could ever be. We heard the call of the Fish Eagles every morning, the "laughing" of the hippos next to our house boat every day (morning to night) and we experienced a Buffalo eating along our houseboat one night. We didn't get to see any lion but boy, did we hear them!

I have had people tell me you haven't lived unless you've been to London, New York or Paris and I agree these are places i would go back to time and time again. But truly you have not lived if you haven't experienced Kariba!