About the Girl

My name is L o r i and I am a born and bred South African “city” girl.  I who married her total opposite (Fisherman, game-lover and an all-around outdoors fanatic). When i blogged in 2016 i was practically a teenager.  Now in 2022 (is it the future already) I have been married for Nine years,  I am a mom to the cutest little boy (dont let him fool you he is cute but feisty), I have discovered that I too l o v e  the peace and quiet and after COVID I learnt life is short and why not enjoy where you are in the country you're in with the people you love.   

I have gotten into the habit of taking a sunset photo whenever I am away like the one below(how could I not when I live in such a beautiful country). 

I have always, and by always I mean since I knew what blogging meant, I have ALWAYS wanted to blog and have tried and failed numerous times. Probably because I didn't know what I wanted to blog about and I personally think I didn't know what I was getting myself into. 

 Now a good few years have passed and i have been fortunate enough to travel and go to college where i learned about the Art and Architecture and culture and now working with family. I realised that blogging is still my passion. I want to blog about the thing i am passionate about and that is my country. I would like to share things about Art, Music, food and places to see in South Africa and that is what my blog posts will be about. 

I will only blog about my experiences with the photos that I take and so, sometimes i might not post on a regular basis. 

If you're visiting my blog from the first time, let me know where your from, I'd love to meet you!

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