Saturday, 31 December 2016

{2016} Thats all folks!

2016 left us as quickly as it came. Come to think of it, this year felt particularly busy for me. I'm not sure if its because I am a lot older that I have been so busy "adulting" that i didn't notice the months and weeks fly by.  

I'm sure you've been wondering what has kept me so busy this year and if I can be completely honest, i just cant pin point one particular thing. I can tell you what is keeping me busy now and that is the house (a real house you guys!) my husband and i have bought. It is a bit of a fixer-upper with a lovely big garden for the 3 (not just one but 3) whole beagles we own. We had two until my beagle had puppies and i did not have the heart to let them all go (I Kim-Kardashian-ugly-cried when we had so let 3 of them go). Now, we have 3 beagles which we absolutely (want to murder often) but just cannot live without.  

With all that said, I did manage to squeeze in a few blog posts this year (whoop whoop) which is more than I can say for previous years and so i thought i would list some of my favourite blog posts for 2016. 

1. My post on the bachelorette i went to this year was at Beefcakes in JHB. It may not be a big deal to some but it was for me as I am INCREDIBLY conservative. I was not going to go to this bachelorette because, I didn't know anyone and i was fairly concerned about what was going to happen at this show. I ended up meeting some lovely ladies and laughing until my stomach hurt

2. I have never been to Pilgrims Rest before. It is a special place for my husbands family especially since a lot of his family retell stories  of growing up around here. Pilgrims Rest is a true gem :) 

3. Would it be too cliche to have a post on Starbucks as my third favourite post for 2016? I have been so fortunate to travel growing up that Starbucks that it brings back some amazing memories. These days I am trying to get my husband on plane (he has a claustrophobia problem and the thought of a confined space for extended hours freaks him out) so that we can create new memories together. 

4. My obsession with Instagram reached new heights this year when I realised just how incredible our South African photographers are. 

I have since posted 3 posts on the South African Instagramers i follow religiously; 

5. Sticking with the South African theme, i finally decided to move away from buying skincare and supporting locally produced products. I am still amazed at the amazing products being produced in this beautiful country. 

So Cheers to all the adventures you had in 2016 and cheers to all the new adventures 2017 holds for you!