Monday, 5 October 2015

A Cup of tea solves everything...

Or in this case, a Tea Tasting!

I have been to a few tastings in the past but never have I been to a tasting for Tea. My mother in law arranged for my sister-in-law and i to join her for a tea tasting over the weekend at the TeeStube Lounge In Pretoria.

I can now say I have an appreciation for tea which I didn't have before. I went into this tea tasting knowing that tea is made from Tea leaves but I didn't know that these tea leaves were actually fermented to get your white, green and black tea. 

Since white tea is the first and purest form of Tea you can get, we got to taste it first. I must admit initially I thought the white tea had no flavour until I tried the variants of black teas. Only then did I realise how subtle the flavour of white tea really was and it could quite easily be a tea I would drink more often. 

We were also given an opportunity to choose two types of Teas to taste and so I decided to try the "Gummibarchen" Gummy bear Herbal/ Fruit Tea which as you can guess had Gummy Bear sweets in it. All fruit and herbal teas have an undercurrent of Hibiscus and apple in them which is why these tea's tend to turn pink. Who would of thought you can drink your sweets?

For my second choice, I chose the Summertime Rooibos Tea which had quite a few flavours in it starting off with a base of Rooibos tea and additional unique flavours included. One of them being Rhubarb.

"There is a great deal of Poetry and Sentiment in a chest of Tea"
~Ralph Waldo Emerson