Monday, 15 February 2016

{Valentines} Weekend in a nutshell ♥

A friend of ours lives and works on a game lodge in Limpopo and we have been dying to pack up our beagles and pop in for a weekend. So when he invited us (beagles included) to join him for valentines day with his lovely lady. We really couldn't say no, and honestly we didn't want to. 

You see our lives pretty much revolve around what can we do next,  what will be the most affordable and can we take the beagles (anyone who has a beagle will know just how busy they really are... Don't let those cute faces fool you). 

In all seriousness though, Valentines Day has not been high on our priority list for 2016 There are no bah humbug feelings about Valentines day here. We love love. But we also decided to spend more time together as our resolution for 2016 and we have been doing just that. So every weekend including Valentines day and has been about being with each other.  

The biggest highlight of the weekend wasn't just the peace and quiet or the lazing around in the pool watching my beagles play with our friends beagles it was the Sun downers. I love mountainous terrains. I am crazy about sunsets and there is no one I would want to share these two things with than my husband 

Look at this view! This weekend was total bliss! 

We had to have the creamy liqueur (Amarula) at Sundown. How could we not when the area is covered in Marula trees. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Pictures were taken by lorelailette 

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