Monday, 7 March 2016

{Celebration Saturday Pt 1} Alice in Wonderland Kitchen Tea

I just wanted to give you a bit of history before I share my pictures from the bachelorette I went to on Saturday.

Three years ago almost to the day, in preparation for my big wedding day did i start going to Sorbet to get my nails done and met this lovely lady who would become a special friend to me in and  outside of the salon. We would exchange stories of our lives and we found that we really got on well with each other. So much so that my husband knew that when I was going to get my nails done I would probably be out most of the day! 

Fast forward to the present day and this lovely lady is getting married! *All around cheers and applause* They are such a lovely couple - take my word for it! I am  fortunate enough to be invited to her big day and so naturally I was invited to her mad hatters themed Kitchen Tea :) This friend was also gracious enough to let me share the lovely photos i took on Saturday (I asked really nicely). 
This cream cheese cake was made by Blonde Butter Beauty - It was absolutely delicious!

Table setting inspired by the clocks in Alice and Wonderland

Kitchen Tea biscuit favours

Can you see how much time went into all the decorating? I especially loved the recurring theme of the clocks which obviously worked very well considering there is a final countdown to her big day and the white rabbit in Alice and Wonderland was late "for a very important date!" 
There was also a Photo booth, with the best props I have seen for a while! Bride to be is on the left and that is me on the right! 
I’ve been invited to quite a few bachelorette/kitchen tea parties including my own. So hear me when I say this was one of the best I’ve been to and I really mean it (I also didn’t know anyone there).

Part 2 coming later on this week!

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