Friday, 11 March 2016

{Celebration Saturday Pt 2} Beefcakes

We transitioned from the wonderful afternoon into a very exciting evening at Beefcakes in Bedfordview. 

The bride-to-be chose Beefcakes (in case you were wondering this is not a strip club but rather a drag queen show) as her preferred spot for her Bachelorette and might I just say, I thought it really was a great choice!

  Beefcakes is definitely geared up to host an event with a little pizzazz. What really impressed me was the fact that parking was in a secure enclosed area. The waiters at beefcakes (men only) were excellent. I'm not sure if they are trained to sweet-talk the ladies because we were certainly well looked after. I was especially impressed that these waiters were able to handle the night as Beefcakes was full to capacity with a total of 11 bachelorette parties that night. Of course I cant mention Beefcakes without mentioning the witty and hilarious shows (I was left in stitches a couple of times). 

I was certainly impressed. You see, I am a very conservative person and so naturally I was nervous about going. I was worried about what granny would think of the photos I would be tagged in on Facebook. At the end of this evening I realised I was worrying about nothing (like I always do) and now I am so sad the weekend is over. 

I am not wild about the idea of rating places I have been to but I feel this little spot deserved 5/5 


The decor was very much inspired by the 60's bubblegum pink colours. Beefcakes reminded me of the Robin Williams movie "The Birdcage" 

"Lets take a Selfie" moment

We were unexpectedly photo bombed! One of the performers that night jumped into the photo we were taking on the Beefcakes stage. This just about turned the place upside down when all the other 10 brides decided they also wanted to have the same photo! 😊
The show was pretty incredible! i wont give anything away as you'll have to experience this for yourself at least once! 
What are your suggestions for a unique night out? 

Until next time!

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